I'm Steve Young. I went to university to study media production where I specialised in film completing a BA (Hons) in 2007 and an MA in 2012. I went on to work as an editor and as a freelancer video producer. I now work as a university technician and over the last few years I've made a number of science-fiction short films.


While my main field of study and practice has been screenwriting and film I'm also interested in design, art, science, music, books and more. I want to explore these fields of interest.


This site is really a place for me to put the stuff I make. Like a digital workshop.


    So where is everyone?

    The universe is both infinitely big and incredibly old. Statistically we should have seen evidence of extraterrestrial life, but we have not. So where is everyone? This is the premise of my next short film, The Fermi Paradox. As you can see I’m sticking with the sci-fi thing for now. Quite frankly, the stories just[...]


    We had finished our short sci-fi/comedy, The Invention of the Perpetual Motion Machine and were now looking forward to what exactly it is that we should do with it. It was always the plan to submit the film into some festivals but we had never done so before. Research was required. Rather conveniently, a new one[...]

    Building a perpetual motion machine

    Recently I wrote and directed my first short film since university. I thought it would be interesting to talk about that process and why and how I came to the decision to get back into making movies again. Or it might turn out incredibly boring, in which case I apologise. So last summer I was[...]