Welcome to the blog. A blog all about me and my filmmaking adventures.

I’m Steve and I call myself a filmmaker a lot because that’s what I’d like to be some day. In actuality I have made very little film since my university days. But that’s okay, because I have decided to start creating again. I have written and I’m in the process of pre-production for a science fiction web series, I’ve also written a couple of shorts that I’m looking into making in the next few months.

I studied media production as an undergraduate and then went on to get my masters. Both were practical courses and I learnt a bunch about the filmmaking process during my studies. On the MA specifically I got to write, direct, produce, and create my own stuff. All were fiction. All were science-fiction.

After all the studying came the scary outside world. I worked on various projects for a while and then finally found full time employment. I feel now is the time to start creating again.

I like telling stories and I’m a big fan of writing them, it would be great to see some of those stories reach the screen, and I think the blog is a cool way of updating my progress.